R5+ Robot


Enabling warehouses to manage larger items, the R5+ Robot can handle Bins up to 16.7 in. (425 mm). Built based on the proven technology of the R5 model, the maximum Grid height for users of the R5+ will be slightly higher, creating a Grid composed of 14 layers of Bins that is around 238 in. (6,044 mm) tall.


Allowing customers to benefit from a solution that is capable of continuous operation, the bin-handling capabilities of the R5+ can meet the needs of rapidly evolving warehouses.


  • Measurement: W: 2.3 ft (700 mm)  / L: 3.2 ft (963 mm)  / H: 2.1 ft (645 mm) with antenna
  • Weight: 328 lb. (149 kg) with batteries
  • Power consumption: 100 W (operation)
  • Operating temperature: 35 to 95°F (2 to 35°C) 
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