R58 Registration Mark Sensor Series


R58 Expert Series color register mark sensors detect color contrast in common product and material registration applications. The R58 Expert accurately detects 16 levels of grayscale by automatically selecting the sensor’s red, green or blue LED, based on the contrast of the background and the registration mark being sensed. Its ability to perform up to 10,000 actuations per second, coupled with its small 1.2 x 3.8 mm sensing image, makes the R58 Expert an ideal solution for detecting small, inconspicuous marks in low-contrast, high-gloss sensing applications.


R58 Expert sensors operate on 10 to 30V DC and feature solid-state bipolar discrete outputs: one current sinking (NPN) and one current sourcing (PNP). Indicator lights provide an ongoing readout of operating status, light or dark operate and ON or OFF delay.


  • Fast 50-microsecond response performs up to 10,000 actuations per second.
  • ± 3 mm shift from the 10 mm focal point accommodates web flutter and similar variations in the target’s location.
  • Setup is quick and easy using TEACH push button or remote cable.
  • Dynamic TEACH mode allows the sensor to learn two sensing conditions on the fly and automatically set the switchpoint.
  • Static TEACH mode allows the user to set two distinct switchpoints.
  • SETUP mode allows the user to program outputs for light/dark operation and ON/OFF-delay.
  • 8-segment light bar indicator shows a continuous readout of operating status.
  • Lenses on both the front and bottom of each sensor and models with either a vertical or horizontal light spot provide convenient and flexible mounting.
  • Zinc alloy die-cast housing with high quality acrylic lens is rated IP67 for food processing applications.
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