RA Series Roller Guides Ideal for Machine Tool Industry


NSK has combined its extensive experience in roller bearings and linear guide technologies to develop the RA series of roller guides. Optimally designed to meet the rigorous demands of the machine tool industry, the RA series employs advanced technology to provide the industry's highest load capacity, superior motion accuracy and unprecedented operating life The RA series supports rigorous machine performance in a variety of factory automation applications. The guide's unique design combined with a substantial reduction in roller passage vibration ensures exceptional motion accuracy. Additionally, models in the series are equipped with a retaining piece to achieve smooth motion and stable positioning accuracy. RA series roller guides also include high performance seals that block the entry of foreign matter like wood chips, metal chips and dust in to the rolling surface, preventing performance loss. For severe operating environments, rail covers are available that reduce the amount of foreign matter to 1/10 that of conventional linear guides. Additionally, NSK's highly regarded K1 Lubrication Units can be added to ensure long term, maintenance-free operation. The RA series is available in custom sizes ranging from RA15 to RA65. The RA series also offers interchangeable rails and sliders with Z3 preload for easier and more cost effective replacements. The interchangeable series is available in six sizes, ranging from RA25 to RA65.


Super high load capacity, rigidity and accuracy • Smooth motion • High dust-proofing and maintenance-free operation • Ultra-low profile (RB Series)
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