Range Reporting Radar Sensor


The FMCW (frequency modulated constant wave) radar sensor, OPS241-B, is capable of providing range reports for multiple objects in its field of view, detecting objects from 1 to 20 m away with a range resolution as small as 7.5cm.


The sensor is a complete single board radar sensor. It can report people at up to 8 m, cars at 15 m, and buildings or the ground as far as 20 m away. It communicates the range data over either a USB or UART interface. Designed as an Arduino shield board, it can be easily plugged into an Arduino or connected to a Raspberry Pi to quickly report range information. Multiple targets are reported over its 78-deg. wide field of view.


Applications for the OPS241-B include robotics, drones, and traffic monitoring systems. Drones can use the sensor for either collision avoidance or soft landings. In robotic applications, the OPS241-B can help robots detect and avoid obstacles. Adding a layer of application code and the OPS241-B can be used to count people or cars as they move through its field of view.



  • 1-20m (3-66’) detection range 
  • Range Resolution of 0.075 m
  • Reporting accuracy ≤10%
  • Wide 78-deg. beam width (-3 dB)
  • UART and USB interface
  • Simple API control, 14Hz report rate
  • Industrial temp operation (-40 to +85°C) 
  • 1.4W Active power, 0.6W Idle power 
  • Small form factor 53 x 59 x 12 mm, 11g (sensor only)  
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