Rapid Mate Connector Provides EMI Filtering with Hot Shoe Style Mating


Spectrum Advanced Specialty Products introduces an EMI filtered connector, the Rapid Mate, designed for easy mating to spring loaded, compliant contacts. This connector combines the ease and reliability of hot shoe style mating with the added benefit of integral, high performance EMI filtering.

Rapid Mate’s hot shoe style joining method provides rapid connection with low mating force, allowing for some misalignment during mating. As a result, these connectors provide a positive mating force to ensure a reliable connection.

Rapid Mate connectors are perfect for applications such as military and commercial communications systems, thermal and ambient light imaging cameras, docking stations, and scanners. Additionally, the EMI filter experts at Spectrum can design a custom filtered Rapid Mate connector built to your requirements, providing the advantages of hot shoe style mating while ensuring system functionality in EMI-prone applications. Feed-through capacitors or Pi filters with selective loading and custom values are available. The Rapid Mate connector is ruggedized for reliable performance, and resists sand, dust and water.

Now fully vertically integrated, Spectrum offers complete in-house design and manufacturing of custom filtered or unfiltered connectors. And with 100% testing of each position for critical electrical parameters, Spectrum is able to offer extremely reliable, high performance custom connectors to fit both your economic and mechanical needs.
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