Rapid Splice Tray System


Rapid Splice, a newly designed splice plate for owners and managers who want to add more efficiency to the installation and management of cable tray systems, eliminates 67 to 75% of hardware, saving contractors and installers time and labor costs while reducing support requirements and enhancing the structural integrity and strength of the system.


Rapid Splice can be used in a wide range of cable tray configurations. It’s designed to fit snugly to the C-Beam profile of the cable tray ladder to create superior lateral strength and rigidity across the ladder sections. Due to this added strength, only two bolts are needed to secure Rapid Splice in place, saving time and labor for the installation crew.


Rapid Tray uses Cope’s proprietary cold swaging process, which provides better grounding properties and higher pullout strength than welded rungs. The Rapid Tray System and Splice plates are UL classified (per NEC 392.6 as equipment grounding conductors, eliminating the need for bonding jumpers. Additionally, Rapid Tray meets Buy America standards.


Fabricated in light-duty aluminum, Rapid Tray conforms to the National Electrical Manufacturers’ Association (NEMA) specifications for 8A and 12A tray systems: 8 and 12 feet span respectively, and 50 pounds per linear foot working loads. The splice plates are available in 3, 4, 5, and 6-inch load depths, and work with all Cope’s current fittings and accessories.

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