The RapidWire™ system utilizes a modular design which allows for combinations of standard parts to meet application specific requirements. The system’s three basic components: panels, posts and doors provide the flexibility to design and install any configuration of security enclosure. By the nature of its welded wire design, the RapidWire™ partition system provides an unparalleled level of security. Panels securely attach to heavy duty posts, pre-drilled with pilot holes, by utilizing an engineered fastening system designed for this application.

Due to the strength of its welded wire mesh construction, RapidWire™ panels can be field-modified and still maintain their structural integrity and factory finished look. Additionally, the RapidWire™ design allows for installations which are 20-25% faster when compared comparable systems.

RapidWire™ panels are manufactured using 8 & 10 gauge wires welded at every intersection to form a 1-1/4”x3” mesh pattern. For additional rigidity, two 1-1/4” x 1-1/4” x 13 ga. angles are welded to the 8’ side and when installed to the 2’x2’x14 ga. posts, the panels are completely framed in place.

A wide variety of doors complete the RapidWire™ system. Hinged type that is 3’ and 4’ wide, Sliding doors from 3’ to 10’ wide, Dutch type as well as Tunnel doors. Complementing the door offering is a complete line of locks and options: lever/knob, coded entry, push lever, panic bars, coded card readers, numerical key pads, magnetic style locks and electric strikes.

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