Raptor™ Class High-Speed, CNC Machining Centers


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (February 1, 2006, Milford, NH) – Datron Dynamics, Inc. has introduced the bantamRaptor™ – designed specifically for manufacturers who need Datron’s high-speed technology but, for budget reasons, are considering low-cost or low RPM equipment.

Datron Dynamics President, Dr. Walter Schnecker, explains, “So that manufacturers of small parts can have their cake and eat it too (high speed and low cost), we carefully cut a few corners without sacrificing the core integrity of our technology. For example, the bantamRaptor™ has an aluminum bed rather than a granite or concrete-polymer table as featured on our other Raptor Class™ machining centers. While this does impact rigidity to some extent, this may not be critical to everyone’s application — so why should they pay for something they don’t need?”

In keeping with other machines in Datron’s Raptor line, the bantamRaptor features a high-speed spindle designed to achieve efficiency with small tools (1/4” and under). In this case, the machining spindle reaches 30,000 RPM and feed rates of up to 400” per minute. The basis for Datron’s technology is that the high speed of the spindle evacuates chips, and the heat associated with them, from the cutting channel. It also results in lower machining forces and less vibration. All of this facilitates high feed rates and improves the quality of the cut and surface finish.

At a package price of $44,800, the bantamRaptor’s standard features include; a 20” x 20” machining area, 600W (30,000 RPM) high-frequency spindle, Semi-automatic tool change, Windows®-based 3D control software, C3 1GHz PC with 256 MB RAM, 15” CRT monitor, keyboard and hand-held controller, Ethernet capability, CD-ROM and USB ports, remote monitoring capability, full enclosure with safety lock-out and a 90-Day Limited Warranty (workmanship and materials).

Datron positions this machining center as an entry-level machine ideal for high-speed milling, drilling, routing, engraving and thread milling of plastics and non-ferrous metals. For the machining of metals, Datron offers an optional Ethanol-Mist Coolant System. This alcohol coolant exhibits a lower-than-water viscosity that quickly covers and cools more surface are on fast moving tools and then evaporates – eliminating the secondary process of degreasing, as well as, the cost associated coolant disposal.

About Datron:
Datron Dynamics, Inc. is the North American subsidiary of Datron Electronic, a German technology firm established in 1969. Since its inception Datron has been dedicated to a business methodology that strives for 100% customer satisfaction – and while this, in and of itself, seems commonplace, Datron’s means of achieving this goal is unique. It all starts with German Engineering and machine design that is centered around industrial durability, equipment longevity and maximized uptime. As such, Datron incorporates rugged materials like solid granite and concrete polymer for machining tables and aged cast steel for chassis construction. Internally, Datron machines are designed with modular, user-changeable components – including accessible mechanics and electronics that actually empower the operator with the ability to quickly exchange parts. We are differentiated in the marketplace by a focus on efficiency with small tools. Datron machines feature 60,000 RPM spindles that produce low force, feed rates of up to 1000"/minute and superior quality when tooling 0.250” and under. An integrated spray-mist ethanol alcohol coolant system provides for superb surface finishes, eliminates secondary processes like de-burring or de-greasing, saves production time, and helps to protect the environment. With an eye to the future, we have built Lean Manufacturing into our equipment and integrated options facilitate both Single Unit Pull and SMDE. These include our Z-Surface Probe™ and Automatic Tool Management System (with tool database, tool sensing and tool changing), as well as, Quick-Pallet™ and Vacumate™ workholding systems – all of which speed setup and overall cycle time.
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