Raymond Courier 3030 Automated Stacker


Combining Seegrid vision-guided technology with horizontal transport and vertical pallet lifting, the Raymond Courier 3030 stacker is the perfect automated tool for picking loads off the ground or at heights up to 72 in. the Raymond Courier 3030 stacker is versatile and flexible, allowing it to be implemented in a wide array of applications.


Ideal for handling and transporting products between connected manufacturing and warehouse facilities, the stacker helps maximize workforce productivity and drive down labor costs. With a second-level vertical reach capability of up to 72 in. and a weight capacity of 2,500 lb., the automated stacker is ideal for pickup/drop-off, end-of-aisle, and end-of-line applications, as well as conveyor picking.


The Courier 3030 stacker is able to transport different pallet sizes and types. Additionally, the reverse-motion and auto-engagement functions optimize workflow and increase productivity, helping warehouses work better and more efficiently. With the help of the Courier 3030 stacker, the workflow is shared between man and machine—allowing more time for forklift operators to learn additional, more engaging skill sets.


2,500 lb.
Lift Capability
72 in.
Max Ramp Elevation/Incline
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