Raytek Enhances Marathon MM Series Infrared Thermometer With Remote-Controlled Variable Target Focusing


The "New Vision" in IR thermometry, the Marathon MM Series now enables users to adjust the focus of measurement targets, either by push-button at the rear of the instrument, or remotely via an RS232/RS485 PC connection, where adjustments can be seen real-time through video. Users can select from either standard fixed-focus sensors or sensors with the new variable focus option, both with a focus range between 200 mm and 2.2 meters (8 inches and 7 feet). Close-focus Marathon MM sensors are also available with fixed optics enabling targets as small as 0.5 mm (.02 inches) to be measured from a distance of 150 mm (6 inches).

According to Frank Schneider, Raytek IR thermometry product manager, the Marathon MM Series now offers even greater advantages for end-users in the process industries. ³With our latest enhancement, Raytek has made the cost-effective, state-of-the-art Marathon MM thermometer even better,² said Schneider. ³We have delivered a solution allowing adjustments to the sensor¹s measurement target focus from a PC located in the safety of the user¹s own office. With the Marathon MM, engineers can continuously observe and record temperature variations in their process in order to take immediate corrective action. This feature improves reliability, increases uptime, and reduces waste.²

Schneider added that the Marathon MM¹s new variable focus feature is well-suited for large, multiple sensor installations, where sensors are periodically replaced or the distance to the measurement object changes. Raytek is one of the few manufacturers of noncontact infrared temperature sensors offering this motorized variable focus capability.

Ideal applications for the Marathon MM Series sensors include: steel and metals processing (foundry/forging operations and heat treating); glass bending, forming, tempering, annealing and sealing; paper processing (ink drying/curing and lamination); plastics processing and thermoforming; and semiconductor processing.

All of the Marathon MM sensors provide integrated through-the-lens sighting, plus either laser or video-sighting for correct aiming and target location. The MM Series is also available with simultaneous real-time video monitoring and automated image recording and storage. The thermometer incorporates an optional live video feed into its data acquisition and sensor programming software allowing for active frame capture‹a unique capability delivering valuable new process information at a price lower than competitive products.

Rugged and reliable, the Marathon MM Series features an advanced electro-optical design, digital electronics and a user-friendly, push-button operator interface. The sensor can be easily set up for standalone operation, or configured for a multi-sensor network. The unit is housed in a sealed NEMA 4 enclosure that withstands the most demanding process environments.

The Marathon MM Series platform, which covers a temperature range of -40 to 3000°C (-40 to 5432°F), consists of five IR temperature sensor models, each with a specific measurement wavelength and temperature range appropriate for either low (-40 to 800°C / -40 to 1472°F) or high-temperature (300 to 3000°C / 572 to 5432°F) production monitoring. All sensors feature identical installation hardware and include Raytek DataTemp Multidrop software to enable easy and consistent installation, configuration and data capture across the full range of an application.

Each Marathon MM sensor is IP65-sealed to prevent contamination and damage during installation, set-up and use. Standard analog, digital and discrete relay outputs are included for simultaneous transmission of data, as well as triggering alarm and control signals. Using the built-in RS485 interface, up to 32 sensors can be networked in a multi-drop configuration. Remote monitoring, sensor control and data acquisition can be managed easily from a single PC, using the Raytek.
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