rConnect Central Communications Platform


GF Machining Solutions has introduced rConnect, a new central communications platform for the company’s milling, EDM and laser texturing machines. Advancing the Industry 4.0 vision of the smart factory of the future, rConnect offers the industry’s most in-depth remote machine tool analysis.

The rConnect platform will be especially valuable to manufacturers seeking to optimize their competitiveness and machine uptime through the digitization of their facilities. The first phase of rConnect is Live Remote Assistance (LRA), which allows customer-authorized remote assistance by connecting machines to GF Machining Solutions local diagnostics center and plants in real time. LRA enables remote diagnostics and inspection by a GF Machining Solutions technician or the manufacturer using the system.


LRA’s customer cockpit serves as the user interface for the;

  • machine operator
  • maintenance manager
  • operations manager.
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