Re-positionable Labels


CILS Industrial Labeling Division have launched their latest CILS-8100R durable removable labels for temporary ‘in-transit’ product I.D. The ‘Hi-tech’ CILS-8100R removable labels can be cleanly removed from the product on installation without leaving any adhesive residue. The labels are then applied to the product’s installation log for an instant record of the product’s location, serial number etc.

CILS have engineered technical ‘slits’ and perforations in the backing-sheet for a fast ‘tear-and-apply’ method; removing labels from the roll and repositioning them from the product to the record log.

The exclusive CILS-8100R labels are fully Computer Printable from a standard PC and existing Thermal Transfer printer, allowing variable data printing ‘in-house’, ‘on-demand’ for exceptional ‘just-in-time’ label production and superior print durability, eliminating the risks of illegible, smudged hand-written data.

Samples  are available.


  • can be cleanly removed from the product
  • ‘tear-and-apply’
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