ReadyKey: EHS, Compliance, and Risk App


A mobile-based EHS compliance and risk solution, ReadyKey harnesses mobile technology to connect employees to vital information—anywhere and anytime—regardless of internet connectivity. 


The app allows organizations to manage and scale internal communications and procedures efficiently, whether dealing with a crisis, maintaining workplace risks, regulatory compliance or quality control of their plant or site.


Organizations will also benefit by being able to:

  • Upgrade operational efficiencies through automated content management
  • Create a single source of truth to reduce confusion and improve accuracy throughout the company
  • Enhance accessibility with a mobile app to replace static paper binders or flip charts that often aren't within reach
  • Improve response times and emergency procedures with mobile to reduce risk




  • Easy Accessibility: Employees enjoy a native mobile app experience, using powerful features and an intuitive UI. Two-way syncing keeps all data up-to-date. And within two or three taps, employees and stakeholders can access every piece of contact information, vital documents, and integrated data at their fingertips. Employees can also submit feedback and data through surveys or contact forms.
  • Push Notifications: Enable rapid alerts or updates across an entire workforce, among workers at different locations, or between different seniority levels. The ability to 'buzz' in people's pockets cuts through all the noise from other communication channels, delivering integral information to people immediately.
  • Speedy and Scalable Implementations: ReadyKey replaces existing procedures that waste time, money, and are out of date. Compared to many EHS software applications that take six to twelve months to implement, ReadyKey can be deployed in just six to twelve weeks, even for organizations with dozens or hundreds of sites. Instead of spending months on lengthy implementations, companies can address the challenges of organizing and distributing information across their global operations.
  • Integrations: ReadyKey's robust platform works well with complex systems by way of its open API. This allows for fast, easy integration of a highly customized, modular app that ties into other mission-critical enterprise platforms like an HRMS.
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