Recirculating Spray Marking System Reduces Clogging and Downtime


The new 781RC MicroMark® Recirculating Spray System from EFD features an innovative design that will help manufacturers in a wide variety of industries eliminate the costly maintenance and downtime associated with conventional marking systems like felt pads and standard spray valves.

Manufacturers often use pigmented marking inks and paints to:
•    Color-code components that look alike
•    Show pass/fail status after testing
•    Indicate whether a specific process has been performed
Potential applications include everything from automotive transmission components to small printed circuit boards.

The new 781RC system eliminates the maintenance and downtime encountered with felt pads that become contaminated with debris or spray valves that clog with heavy pigments by using a recirculating pump to keep pigments in suspension and using a short burst of air after each cycle to clear the nozzle of any residue.


• Size: 104.6 mm x 26.9 mm diameter (4.12" x 1.06") • Weight: 235.3 grams (8.29 oz) • Actuating air pressure required: 70 to 90 psi (4.8 to 6.2 bar) • Maximum input fluid pressure: 300 psi (20.7 bar) • Fluid inlet thread: 1/8 NPT female • Mounting: (1) 1/4-28 UNF tapped hole or adjustable • mounting block • Cycle rate: Exceeds 400 per minute • Air cylinder body: Type 303 stainless steel • Fluid body: Type 303 stainless steel • Air cap: Type 303 stainless steel • Piston: Type 303 stainless steel • Needle and nozzle: Type 303 stainless steel
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