Recycled Fabric HVAC Duct for Green Buildings


DuctSox, Dubuque, Iowa, a leading fabric HVAC duct systems manufacturer, now offers the HVAC industry’s first fabric duct constructed of recycled materials for LEED  certification and other sustainable and environmentally-conscious commercial building applications. The 55-percent recycled fabric (80-percent post industrial/20-percent post consumer) is available in two models of DuctSox’s eight-product air dispersion line: 1)Sedona Xm™—permeable, premium fabric with an anti-microbial treatment; 2) Coronado™— permeable, designer fabric in four patterns of cork, harvest, galvanized or camo.  Also available is another recycled air dispersion product, Rx™--permeable premium fabric using a 50-percent recycled fabric face and a metal back pan with 60 to 80-percent recycled metal for special emphasis on laboratory applications.

Specifying DuctSox’s recycled fabric can gain credits under the recycled content—“Materials & Resources” section of the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) LEED Certification program. Because recycled content materials reduces the impact resulting from the extraction and processing of virgin materials, the USGBC awards one LEED point to projects using recycled DuctSox. Previously, all existing DuctSox duct products could indirectly contribute to a project’s LEED credits with benefits such as:
·         Improved indoor air quality;

·         Reduced material waste from less packaging;

·         Less jobsite waste because DuctSox is a custom product not requiring the on-site trimming or cutting that’s associated with metal ductwork;

·         Reduced energy consumption during shipping;

·         Lowered construction costs from reduced installation costs and less building structural strength requirements due to the fact fabric duct is 90-percent lighter than metal duct;

·          Increased mechanical equipment efficiencies due to better air dispersion;

·         Eliminated off-gassing that’s associated with metal duct coatings;

The Recycled DuctSox also carry a 10-year limited warranty (one-year for Rx) and can be laundered a minimum of 10 times without losing color or structural integrity.  Accessories such as end caps, fittings, and inlet collars are also constructed of recycled fabric.
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