SHAFTALIGN is a high precision easy-to-use shaft alignment tool incorporating human error proof functions.With its TFT backlit color display it combines simplicity of operation with precise measurement and state-of-the-art technology.Intuitive auto-flow capability – DIMENSION-MEASURE-RESULTS – guides the user to obtain the desired machinery alignment condition. The innovative “Active Clock” measurement mode automatically collects the laser coordinates for the corresponding shaft position. Only 3 readings over a rotation angle of less than 70º are required to achieve a precision alignment. All relevant alignment results are displayed in one screen including the alignment status evaluation through?(Smiley) and LEDs.A built-in light sensor optimizes screen image quality and power management.Rechargeable batteries save operating cost and contribute toward a greener environment.SHAFTALIGN is upgradable to more powerful features as alignment requirements increase. The tool offers a variety of options to generate and archive alignment measurement reports through its freeware ALIGNMENT REPORTER PC Software or through the direct reports as PDF to a memory stick.Precision alignment contributes to savings in the consumption of electricity, extends the life of bearings, seals and couplings and thus the Mean-Time-Between-Failure.


* Active clock measurement mode * Graphical results (machines and centerlines) * TolChek® determines alignment condition * High resolution color backlit TFT screen * Aligns horizontal machines * Measures soft foot and stores the results * Horizontal & Vertical ‘Live Move’ at any 45° position * QuickCheck - a quick alignment check using a single dimension * Static measure mode - up to 8 measurement positions for improved accuracy * Unaffected by backlash * Variable averaging and deviation band * Measurement files are reusable and can be edited * Save up to 50 measurement files * Determine alignment condition of 6-foot machines * UniBeam® enables quick laser beam adjustment * Single-cable technology! * Pre-assembled brackets for quick mounting * Rechargeable Li-on battery * Rugged and robust control unit resists shock * Industrial-strength water-resistant housings * Print PDF reports to memory stick. * Free ALIGNMENT REPORTER PC Software for backup and reporting. * Free PC Display Software for training of large groups
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