Providing a high performance,
space-saving motor drive solution, Interroll's redesigned Drum Motor 127i
features an internal gearing system with a 97% efficiency that lowers energy
consumption and reduces noise levels while operating at full capacity.
Ideal for OEMs of specialty machinery, automation integrators, plant
engineers and end-users in the food processing industry, the thermally
protected 127i Drum Motor meets IP67 protection standards and features
spring-loaded and labyrinth seals that prevent contamination and oil loss in
conveying systems that operate in food processing and high demand

The internal gearing system features no external moving parts, making the
Drum Motor 127i safe and quiet.

"Our new Drum Motor 127i is a self-contained unit that requires less
electrical power than other standard drives and reduces frictional losses
between the motor and gearbox," said Ken Cowlin, Interroll National Director
Sales and Marketing.  "The 127i is a safer, higher-performing, space-saving
solution that handles higher work loads and drives longer belt conveyors
with increased product weights."

The Drum Motor 127i features a space-saving design available with 3-phase
motors for designers who are searching for a simple component that minimizes
space in driving systems.

Interroll's Drum Motor 127i has a conveying speed up to 315 fpm with 1.0 HP.
The drum motor can operate in temperatures up to 104°F and is virtually
maintenance free, with oil changes are recommended every 20,000 hours.

The Drum Motor 127i is available with numerous options, including; a
stainless steel exterior, rubbing lagging, mechanical backstop, parallel
shell (no crown), sprocket mounting and matching idler pulleys.
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