Reduce Degradation of Adhesives


The InvisiPac HM25cTank-Free Hot Melt Delivery System is ideal for reducing adhesive costs and boosting factory production in packaging industry applications. It features a compact size and form factor that easily integrates into existing packaging lines with no need to reconfigure packaging lines due to space constraints.


Companies are able to quickly switch their hot melt dispense systems to InvisiPac HM25c and increases packaging line productivity and boost their savings by eliminate adhesive char produced by tank-based systems. The system also alerts operators when material usage is out of desired range and provides real-time performance reports and notifications that ensure packaging lines keep moving.


With all the advantages of the original InvisiPac Tank-Free Hot Melt Delivery System, the HM25c features numerous advancements. An improved fill configuration uses intelligent technology that automatically adapts to the fill rate needed for the application; operators no longer need to calibrate, configure, and set up the fill operations. Graco also improved the feed system, reducing overall air consumption by incorporating the shaker into the adhesive feed vacuum. The design features innovative vibration arms that feed from the center of the hopper, breaking down adhesive pellets that bridge or clump up to one side.


With no tank char, no nozzle plugging, and warm up times of less than 10 minutes, the InvisiPac system is an alternative to traditional hot melt tanks in any packaging application. Based on a comprehensive system approach, the design incorporates an integrated vacuum feed, state-of-the-art tank-free melter, superior heated hoses, an innovative applicator, and next-generation process control technology that provides easy, remote system analytics. At the heart of the innovative technology is the tank-free design, which reduces the amount of time adhesive spends at high temperatures, ultimately reducing char and degradation. 



  • continuous supply of adhesive
  • level sensor maintains consistent melt rate
  • promotes consistent material usage
  • minimizes unplanned maintenance
  • removes human factor
  • no exposure to molten hot melt adhesive
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