Reduce Energy Consumption by up to 99% using PIAB's Vacustat COAX®


PIAB, a global leader in industrial vacuum technology, introduces the Vacustat-COAX® vacuum pump with an integrated air saving function for up to 99% energy savings when compared to a system without an air saving function. Ideal for material handling of sealed objects in the automotive industry, such as sheet metal, glass and plastic parts, the Vacustat-COAX® uses suction cups with decentralized vacuum power directly at the point of use for efficient, secure performance.

As the ultimate air saving solution for sealed objects with suction cups, the Vacustat-COAX® significantly reduces the risk of micro-leakage in fittings and hoses. The air-saving mode is reached almost instantly due to the small volume necessary to evacuate, eliminating up to 50-80% of the air consumption necessary with a centralized air saving systems.

Based on the familiar Vacustat design, the air saving function of the Vacustat-COAX® features a more reliable poppet valve. The set point for the air saving function is at a fixed level to avoid any unwanted changes during operation, and the system requires no PLC programming or settings. The pump also contains a built-in check valve on the blow-off port.

Within its low-profile, anodized aluminum design, the Vacustat-COAX® includes a Mini Pi12-2 COAX® cartridge with a non-return valve to ensure reliable performance, even at low feed pressures. Available with three mounting options, lock pin, apple core and ball-joint, the Vacustat-COAX®, is designed to fit automotive industry standards for robot end-of-arm tooling, such as the PMAT (PIAB Modular Automated Tooling) system.
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