Reduce Waste Volume by up to 80%


ROPAX Mobile Compactors employ a rolling drum with sharp metal teeth to crush, macerate, tear, rip, and compress waste in large open-top containers/dumpsters. Because they are mobile, they are ideal for use at facilities with multiple dumpsters in a single location or spread across multiple locations on a property.


Prior to compaction, most containers have large voids and air pockets resulting in container utilization of only about 20% of actual capacity. ROPAX Mobile’s high compaction rate allows for significant improvement in utilization with rates as high as 80%. This dramatic improvement means containers need to be replaced or emptied less frequently resulting in less downtime, improved worker productivity, and reduced waste hauling and disposal charges.


In operation, a worker simply drives the ROPAX Mobile up to the end of an open-top container and deploys a two-ton rolling drum mounted on an articulating boom that moves from one end of the container and back, crushing contents as it goes. Because operators can view the compaction process, they can determine how many crushing cycles are necessary before moving to the next container. The ROPAX Mobile is extremely maneuverable and is narrower than the containers it services, allowing it to operate in congested or confined spaces.


For operator comfort and safety, the cab is fully enclosed with available climate control. Forward and reverse travel is controlled by a joystick and steering is via the conventional steering wheel. An ergonomically designed instrument panel puts all compaction controls, including an emergency e-stop, within easy reach. An optional container transport hook can be mounted to the front of the unit to allow the ROPAX Mobile to be used for repositioning containers or transporting them to and from staging areas, eliminating the need for an additional truck.


The ROPAX Mobile provides effective compaction of a wide variety of items including cardboard and other packaging, wood pallets and crates, cable reels, paper, film and foil, green waste, encapsulated polystyrene, household goods, light metals, and other bulky items.

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