Reducing Flanges


MAIN Manufacturing Products’ new catalog and website show the Reducing Flanges MAIN has stocked for years.  MAIN is a premier US hydraulic flange manufacturer for 50+ years with engineers sitting on SAE, NFPA, and ISO technical committees.  MAIN specializes in having the flange you need, when you need it.  MAIN has over 7,000 items in inventory and can manufacture parts quickly from over 100 tons of carbon steel flat bar and plate ordered to special hydraulic flange specifications.  Over 40 tons of stainless steel, PVQ, aluminum, and copper nickel are stocked as well.


Reducing Flanges improves your design.  Reducing flanges eliminate the extra leak paths created by the additional connectors.  Installation and material costs are reduced as well.  The afterthought Christmas tree look is also eliminated.  Many times the reducing flanges are offered for the same price and stocked as well.  If the flanges are stock, they are not “special”.

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