Reed Relays - Pickering Interfaces


Series 115, 116, and 117 are three ranges of small Single Pole (1 Form A) reed relays ideal for the construction of high-density matrices or multiplexers. Ranges have identical kpin configurations allowing a common PCB for all types, but allowing designers a range of switch ratings according to which part is fitted.


Reed switches are vertical within the package which permits a common footprint with a board area of only 3.8mm x 6.6mm. Only the profile height changes with the increasing power or current ratings.



  • Series 115:  15.5 mm height, rated up to 1.0 amp switching at 20 w
  • Series 116:  12.5 mm height, rated at 0.5 amp switching at 10 w
  • Series 117:  9.5 mm height, rated at 0.5 amp switching at 5 w
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