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Kaeser Compressors, Inc. is proud to announce their latest advancement in air treatment technology. The Secotec TF models push the boundaries of compressed air refrigerated dryer performance further than ever before thanks to a game-changing thermal storage system. Compared to previous designs, these models are more efficient, have lower pressure drop, and a reduced footprint.The extremely efficient Secotec TF units handle flows up from 520 to 1060 cfm. Kaeser's innovative Secopack LS thermal storage system contains a phase-changing material (PCM) that is 98% denser than conventional storage media.

Thermal energy is stored as the PCM cycles from a solid to a liquid state. This makes the Secotec TF units up to 60% lighter than other thermal storage dryers. These dryers also include Sigma Control Smart, a micro-processor based controller which controls the thermal storage process. It has an alarm and service message memory, as well as remote on/off control capability. An optional Ethernet interface for connecting to a master control system is also available. The dryers' internal design also makes it possible to reduce pressure loss across the dryer to 2.2 psi (compared to 2.9 and higher for conventional models). Air-cooled and water-cooled versions are available.


  • have lower pressure drop
  • reduced footprint
  • flows up from 520 to 1060 cfm

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