Release Agent Improves Rubber Bonding For Molded-Metal Inserts


When a molding process requires rubber adhesion to a metal insert, Huron Technologies’ new EZR327 semi permanent mold release agent is the ideal product. Rubber has a tendency to build-up and stick to the mold surface. The EZR327 mold release agent helps eliminate this build-up process and keeps the mold much cleaner. When the mold is removed and sent to a mold service specialist, EZR327 makes the cleaning process much faster and easier to handle. The EZR327 mold release film assists in improving the rubber bonding to molded-in steel inserts, while providing semi-permanent mold release performance. The new agent increases film life and adds 15 to 25% to product productivity. This means many more releases before reapplication. The EZR327 is especially effective for EPDM and natural rubber and works well with metals such as brass or steel. Free sample quantities available for validation and testing. The product is available in 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums and 275 gallon totes.
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