Reliable Gas Inflation Components


Precision Tool Technologies’ gas inflation products integrate proven design, manufacturing, and testing concepts with durable materials that boost component reliability, successfully resist corrosion and achieve long service life in saltwater environments.


All inflation control components meet the highest quality standards while also conforming to the most current ISO 15738:2019 standards for maritime safety with many components independently tested.


Products include:

  • Relief valves that maintain the working pressure of the inflatable structure and provide protection against over-pressurization. They also feature very efficient venting of the excess inflation gas.
  • Top off valves that incorporate an aggressive pitched threaded inlet, allowing users to easily attach integral hand pumps even in cold temperatures.
  • Inlet check valves that disperse high-pressure, high-velocity gases into the inflatable structure. These units also prevent backflow pressure loss from the inflatable structure following inflation.
  • Flanges with a cementable design for simple, efficient installation. Units feature durable materials and achieve an extended service life in demanding environmental conditions.
  • Inflation valves with durable, plated, and coated components that boost their performance and corrosion resistance.


In addition to providing standards units, Precision Tool Technologies can customize its valves and flanges to fit your unique needs in applications ranging from life rafts and slides, to inflatable shelters and venting systems.

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