Reliable Vacuum Generator Reduces Downtime


piCOMPACT 23 vacuum generators reduce the total weight of vacuum handling systems and allow vacuum systems to move more quickly to increase production capacity. This increases uptime in your vacuum system to achieve more reliability. And by working at a lower feed pressure and maximizing the utilization rate of the compressed air, energy consumption goes down while productivity rises.

With a lifetime for all moving parts at more than 50 million cycles and  MTTF calculated at 300 years, this integral piece for medium or larger vacuum systems will reliably improve production and energy efficiency for years to come.  In applications where dust is present, the piCOMPACT 23 has a dust-proof ejector cartridge due to innovative external flap valves for clog-free operation. 


  • An industry standard 8-pin electrical connector allows for easy use
  • Moving parts Lifetime: more than 50 million cycles
  • MTTF:  300 years
  • COAX cartridges reduces energy consumption by 30 to 50%
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