Remote Access Cloud Lock


The remote-access UFO Cloud Lock and Vehicle Security System is a cloud-based, app-driven locking technology that puts advanced Internet of Things (IoT) security tools in the hands of fleet managers, and is the first of its kind in the industry.


The UFO Cloud Lock and Vehicle Security System gives fleet managers and logistics professionals a level of security control never before available. Using the SHA256 encrypted communication protocol developed by the National Security Agency (NSA), all electronic commands and equipment communications are ultra-secure.


An easy-to-use app transcends mechanical keys, allowing managers to create virtual keychains of admission that can be modified in real time. Using the app's dedicated dashboard, locks can be opened and closed, access permissions granted and much more, all from the manager's remote location and wherever they have access to their phone or computer.


Through IoT connectivity, it's also possible to manage an "ecosystem" of interlocking security systems including those in locks, doors, entrance gates, machines, cabinets and much more. The system gives managers total control over who can use virtual keys, and exactly what they have permission to access and when.


The system's tool tagging feature is particularly relevant to work truck applications and anywhere tools and equipment are regularly transported in and deployed from a vehicle. Not only can managers confirm that the right tools are onboard before the truck is dispatched, but they can also make sure the same tools are accounted for and loaded before the vehicle leaves the worksite.



The system's "Fleet Box" solution not only controls all vehicle locks but also helps manage real keys as well. Tagged keys can be left in secure, dedicated areas inside the cab and access can be granted via the app and a QR code. Real-time van checkup is also available through the use of an optional telematic device that allows fleet managers to monitor dynamic vehicle information, such as GPS position, fuel consumption, average speed and more.


When functioning in a traditional delivery capacity, the system's self-locking "slam-lock" feature enables workers to get in and out quickly, in contrast to padlocks and other removable locks. The system also has an interior unlocking cable, so personnel can work in a secure vehicle if needed before exiting.


The lock's flush-mounted design eliminates exposed flanges and hasps, and its hardened stainless steel construction and domed shape make the lock drill resistant and difficult to grip with lock-defeating tools. Its low-profile design mates with virtually any vehicle make and model.


The UFO Cloud Lock and Vehicle Security System is perfect for applications on vans, service bodies and box trucks with side and rear double doors. It comes complete with an assembly kit, a video and an adhesive decal that makes precise placement and alignment simple. The kit also includes a bayonet mounting system for fast and easy installation. The entire installation process takes approximately one hour.


    • UFO CLOUD is based on SHA256, a crypted communication protocol created by NSA
    • UFO CLOUD transforms mechanical keys in a virtual key-chain thanks to an APP and a dedicated dashboard
    • Monitor and track openings and authorize different access levels to fleet staff
    • UFO CLOUD, with the same app, allows you to manage an ecosystem of locks: entrance gates shutters and doors vending machines lockers electrical cabinets and much more
    • With UFO CLOUD you don’t manage the van’s hatch only, but also its contents, checking that everything you need is on board. Through active or passive tags, you can check if the list of “must-have working tools” is complete. If not, a special event will alert you.
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