Remote Power Monitoring


PredictPulse remote monitoring and management service now provides a new user experience for web browsers and mobile devices, making it easier than ever for data center and information technology (IT) managers to monitor the health of their power infrastructure and respond to critical events from wherever they may be.


The new version offers a completely redesigned user interface for both browsers and mobile devices. The mobile portal interface gives users a view into real-time data, trends, events, service history, and alarms from any mobile or tablet device, along with a new PulseScore feature to communicate the overall health of a user’s uninterruptible power system (UPS).


Users benefit from additional, innovative new features that include:

  • Intuitive and easily digestible, at-a-glance reports that tell users what happened, where and when.
  • The PulseScore, replacing the previous Relative Performance Index (RPI), gives users a new and better way to quickly communicate how their devices or locations are performing.
  • Unmatched flexibility for locations and users, with the power to self-manage how co-workers can view site-level devices and notifications (email, SMS, phone), with an unlimited number of users and devices.
  • A new notification system, providing SMS text, email and call notifications, as well as manageable notifications for critical alarms and non-critical events.
  • An improved PredictPulse app with access to real-time status updates.
  • Cost-effectiveness, saving users time and money with the ease of receiving notifications of future service.


The additions to PredictPulse apply to Eaton’s PredictPulse Insight service, which adds predictive analytics to anticipate the risk of component failure as well as a verification site visit to confirm or replace components. With PredictPulse Insight, users can mitigate downtime risks associated with battery, capacitor, fan, and air filter failures and proactively replace components before they fail, extending the life of investments and addressing potential problems before they happen.

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Anonymous, Engineering, R&D, Design & Technical Management
Is this only for monitoring the power/UPS of IT infrastructure? Does it monitor power quality? How does and can it integrate will all IT hardware? It would be very beneficial if it integrated with health monitoring of entire infrastructure? To what extent IoT devices are used?