Remote Support Platform Accelerates Repairs, Training, and Collaboration


ADTANCE Smart Services Platform 4.0 introduces the fully integrated ADTANCE Support Module and Fieldstreaming solution. The ADTANCE Fieldstreaming solution is the first live remote support software capable of connecting every type of camera to the system, including cameras within smartphones, tablets, computers, security cameras, drones, and underwater Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs).


ADTANCE Support users can live stream views of machines from various angles simultaneously—improving live support, remote training, and long-distance collaboration in the field. The solution can be implemented by using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets or by wearing smartglasses.


ADTANCE Support and Fieldstreaming Solution


The ADTANCE Support Module also includes the following capabilities that improve communication and collaboration between service technicians and customers:


Expanded Support Session Communications
Users can now start an ADTANCE Support session by sending a message, document or video recording in addition to initiating a session through a video call. Users do not need to download an app, as ADTANCE Support now runs on all browsers and mobile devices. Invitations to sessions can be shared by simply sending a link without the need to set up a user account. At any time during a session, users can send messages, documents, recordings, open a live video chat or collaborate using a digital whiteboard.


Snapshots During Live Video Stream
Snapshots can be taken at any time during the ADTANCE Support live video stream and users can mark up the video with circles, arrows or pertinent notes. Several people can work on a snapshot within the support session at the same time. A service technician simply sends a request to the field worker and once it is accepted, the system automatically executes a snapshot. Alternatively, users have the option to immediately accept all snapshots for a session prior to starting the video call. This allows the service expert to take snapshots at any time during the live video stream.


Reactivate Closed Sessions Anytime

ADTANCE Support now allows closed sessions to be reactivated and viewed again at any time. The documentation remains in place and participants can be invited back into the session. This saves time and significantly improves customer service, especially when there is a complex or recurring problem with the same customer.


Companies can start with a single ADTANCE software module and build up to the full solution or integrate individual ADTANCE modules into an existing system. The ADTANCE platform also enables companies to exchange data between systems, including competing systems.


The ADTANCE Smart Service Platform 4.0 is the only centralized platform for digitizing the entire After-Sales Service lifecycle and encompasses the following modules:

  • Support: Enables live remote support, inspection, and maintenance for customers, utilizing devices such as smartglasses and multi-camera fieldstreaming.
  • Workflow: Digitizes, analyzes, and optimizes all workflows, including everyday processes, such as maintenance instructions.  
  • Process Visualization and Monitoring (PVM): Monitors the performance of individual machines as well as entire industrial plants.
  • Predictive Maintenance (PM): Analyzes and evaluates operational data in real-time through the continuous monitoring of machines or the entire production plant using built-in sensors. Machine learning-based analysis offer predictions about potential downtime as well as warnings if a piece of equipment will require maintenance. 
  • Ticketing: Standardizes entire customer service channels by bundling different channels into one system, including e-mail, telephone, SMS, and social media. Creates order and clarity by providing different escalation levels with the respective reaction and resolution times.
  • Document Management (DM): Stores all customer service documents centrally, as well as control the access rights for security and privacy purposes. 
  • Parts: A central catalog system to ensure that all spare part information remains centrally located and easily discoverable.
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