Remove Ultra-Fine Mists in the Plant


Collecting mist from lubricant oils used to cool machining processes is critical to protect workers' health and meet OSHA requirements. The Handte Oil Expert from Camfil APC helps facility operators reduce exhaust emissions to meet the current OSHA 5.0 mg/m3 exposure limit for oil mist. It also eliminates the ongoing housekeeping expenses required to remove oil from heating and cooling equipment, other machinery and workplace surfaces. 
The Handte Oil Expert uses multi-stage filtration and high-efficiency CoaPack filters to remove 99.97% of oil mist contaminant particles as small as 0.3 microns. All air must pass through a three-stage filtration process and out of a HEPA filter before returning to the workplace. 

Filter gauges with "Filter Full" indicators monitor all filter stages to ensure easy and effective maintenance. In addition, filter changes don't require specialized tools or knowledge, and the closed filter cassettes eliminate worker exposure to the dirty filter media.

The Handte Oil Expert is ideal for applications that use straight/neat oil including turning, drilling, grinding and pressing. Its modular design enables it to be customized to suit a facility's current needs and future expansion. It also comes with a guarantee that the weld seams and collector will not leak coolant or oil. 


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