Renewable-Content Packaging Foam


Sealed Air’s latest innovation, Instapak® RC45 foam, provides users with a plant-based, renewable-content packaging foam that is easy-to-use and ideal for light-duty packaging applications. Instapak® RC45 foam contains 25 percent renewable content in the finished foam product, providing further reduction in the use of petroleum-based raw materials. Compatible with SealedAir’s Instapak® foam packaging systems, the new Instapak® RC45 foam is the first renewablecontentproduct added to the company’s line of 15 existing Instapak® foam formulations.

“At every opportunity, our packaging engineers work with our customers to balance theperformance of their packaging materials with economic requirements and impact on theenvironment,” said Matt Thompson, Sealed Air’s product manager for Instapak® foam packaging.“We started decades ago with our efforts to redesign and provide source reduction for our customerspackaging, and now Sealed Air is proud to announce that we have reached our goal of bringing arenewable-content Instapak® foam formulation to the market.”

Instapak® RC45 packaging foam offers the same benefits of other Instapak® foam materials.Shipped and stored as highly concentrated liquid product, Instapak® foams reduce both the numberof trucks needed for distribution as well as storage space needed in the warehouse. Two liquidcomponents are mixed on-site and on-demand to create cushions that can be used to provide superior cushioning, blocking and bracing, and void-fill protection.


  • renewable-content packaging foam
  • provides superior cushioning, blocking and bracing, and void-fill protection
  • easy-to-use and ideal for light-duty packaging applications
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