The Blancett Turbine Flow Meter Repair Kits are designed and manufactured for use with Blancett meters or similar designs. The Repairs Kits are used with its Model 1100 Turbine Flow Meter, as well as the Quik Sert, FloClean, Multi-Jet, and Impeller type flow meters. Blancett Repair Kits are intended for abrasive waterflood projects and hostile industrial use, but their performance in conventional applications is exceptional.

All of Blancett's repair kits are factory calibrated and suitable for field service. Installation is quick, simple and requires no special tools. Each kit is supplied with a unique k-factor for use within each turbine's standard flow range. The precise manufacturing, rigorous quality control and use of the highest grade materials ensure a long, dependable service life, as well as cost effective operation and consistent performance.
Blancett has manufactured rugged and accurate stainless steel turbine flow meters and mechanical meters for over 25 years. Blancett serves customers in petrochemical, semiconductor, food and beverage and process control industries throughout the world. Its products consist of turbine flow meters, mechanical meters, positive displacement meters and electronic monitors for flow rate and totalization.
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