Repairable Round Line Cylinders Featuring Comprehensive Mounting and Threading Options


With a wide range of options, Numatics 488 Series Repairable Round Line Cylinder offers flexibility to create a perfect fit out of the box.

They are available in metric sizes, making them highly desirable for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). With construction that is more robust than nonrepairable cylinders, the 488 Series is more durable and reliable to accommodate the high cycle rates found in packaging and automotive applications.


  • Magnets and bumpers as standard features
  • Optional adjustable cushions
  • More mounting and thread-type options than competitive products in its class
  • Quick shipment through the Numatics 5Day Express program
  • 17 available mounting styles including rear spherical eye adjustable mounts and detachable nose mounts
  • Proven 25% faster than competitive standards with all full-flow port thread types (BSPT, NPTF, G, and M7)
  • Standard rod end options including female and male rod threads
  • Wide maximum operating pressure and temperature ranges
  • Available positioning sensors
  • Industry-leading, proven heavy-duty piston wear band that is more than 50% wider than competitive offerings
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