Resettable Fuses Extend Operating Currents to 11 A


The MF-RG Series Multifuse Polymer Positive Temperature Coefficient (PPTC) Resettable Fuse product line has been expanded with eight new MF-RG Series models. These models extend the maximum operating current of the series from 3 A to 11 A, and are a smaller size compared to the existing through-hole Multifuse products (MF-R, MF-RX), thus delivering a space saving and thermal advantage resulting in a higher performing circuit protection solution.


These radial through-hole PPTC MF-RG products are rated to a maximum operating voltage (Vrms) of 16V offering high current-carrying capability. The new MF-RG models feature a tighter hold to trip ratio that operates much closer to the fault current of the application, thereby delivering a faster response solution for overcurrent events. The smaller size with a similar Ihold rating and fast tripping capabilities makes Multifuse devices excellent circuit protection solutions for a broad variety of automotive, industrial, and communications market applications.

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