Dur-A-Flex’s Hybri-Flex™ Series systems offer the benefits of two resinous floor systems in one.  Its unique base coat features a built-in moisture mitigation system that tolerates up to 12 lbs. of moisture vapor transmission, making it ideal for installation on recently poured concrete.
The added high-performance topcoats of each system can provide additional features such as a decorative appearance, UV and stain resistance and quick curing.  A complete floor system can be installed in as little as two days. 

Moisture vapor transmission levels above 3 lbs. normally would call for the installation of a separate moisture mitigation system, adding both cost and time to the job.  With many construction projects now being fast-tracked, changes to specifications to deal with these high moisture levels in the middle of a project can greatly impact already tight schedules.  By specifying a Hybri-Flex system at the design stage these interruptions, as well as added costs, can be avoided while saving up to two days off a construction cycle.

Hybri-Flex is Dur-A-Flex’s custom line of hybrid flooring systems that enable users to specify a resinous flooring system designed specifically for their needs.  These systems are a combination of a unique urethane base coat combined with topcoats of epoxy, MMA, or polyaspartic resins offering a combination of features not typically found in a single resin system.  Hybri-Flex systems are available in solid colors along with numerous decorative options and can be matched to any existing or new color scheme at no additional charge.

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