Resistance Welder Provides Flexible Welding Solutions


Marathon Welding Automation is pleased to introduce the M-Series resistance welder—a versatile platform for manufacturers looking to enhance productivity on small- to medium-sized welded parts. Available as a complete system or a base for custom integration, the M-Series comes in 16, 32 and 48 inch standard widths with a 16 inch upper and lower platen depth. The M-Series can incorporate multiple guns for custom resistance, spot or projection welding. Designed to provide versatile automation, Marathon’s pedestal welder can be used to weld various materials, including steel and stainless. A small footprint gives the unit ease of mobility, via forklift pockets, and accessibility for tooling changeover. Shipped assembled and ready for immediate installation and production, the M-Series is well suited as an alternative to manual welding. Features include: ? Vertically adjustable upper and lower platens ? X-Y servo driven fixtures available ? Maximum operator safety with light curtains or palm buttons ? WatchdawgTM for Welding* optional ? Easy integration with bowl feeders ? Automatic part removal optional ? Custom sizes and colors available.
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