Resource Saving Textile Winder


Equipped with improved process intelligence, the new Autoconer 6 boasts powerful innovations, a noticeable increase in productivity and best energy efficiency.

The Autoconer 6 always starts with optimized acceleration without slippage, reaching its maximum winding speed faster than ever before. In addition, unproductive piecing cycle times are reduced to a minimum. The anti-patterning function is optimized for productivity.The RM type has been completely redesigned. The new open design features a unique innovative bobbin change system that stores an additional bobbin in the new loading shaft and is thus ready for the change.

The unique advantages of the Autoconer material flow technology - Vario Reserve, Intelligent Bobbin Sharing and High-Speed Feeding - are even more in tune in the Autoconer 6. This allows the Autoconer 6 to completely compensate variations in material flow. The new feed change strategy accelerates the feed change by 25%, since each winding unit is first supplied with the initial bobbin required for production start before the reserve bobbins are replenished.


  • 9+1 bobbins per winding unit
  • up to 80 winding units
  • 6% less resource consumption
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