Respirator Helmet Lets You Work in Comfort


Engineered for comfort to keep the system on, to drive productivity, safety, and compliance is the Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) paired with new T94-R Series Welding Helmets.


The patent-pending Dualtec manifold system features six interior vents and dual air speeds for high-performance airflow output and maximized perceived cooling. An overall balanced design reduces neck torque, and shoulder straps alleviate lower back pain.


The low-profile blower assembly and breathing tube attachment eases movement and reduces work cell interference. Even in the noisiest environments, both audible and vibrating alarms will notify operators when filters need to be changed or the system needs to be checked.


Available in two models: The T94-R helmet features an external grind button for seamless weld-to-grind transitions; and the T94i-R features an oversized integrated grind shield for optimal vision. With both helmets, operators will experience advanced contrast and clarity with exclusive ClearLight Lens Technology, promoting better quality and productivity.


NIOSH certified with an OSHA assigned protection factor of 25, the Miller PAPR with T94-R Series is designed to protect against weld fume exposure and improve compliance in the most demanding environments.

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