Restore Concrete in Three Easy Steps


MEADOW-PATCH T2 is a two-component concrete resurfacer from W. R. MEADOWS. It is an economical way to repair damaged concrete slabs. The product will repair minor deteriorated, spalled, scaled, and defective concrete. After mixing, MEADOW-PATCH T2 becomes a creamy, easy-to-apply mixture that can be poured or sprayed onto the defective concrete area. After being applied, the product can be finished to a smooth, even surface. It dries to a light gray color, closely matching the original concrete appearance. MEADOW-PATCH T2 allows for concrete damage to be repaired easily, and eliminates the high costs of replacing an entire concrete slab. The three easy application steps consist of cleaning and priming the surface to be repaired, mixing and applying MEADOW-PATCH T2, and then finishing the surface with a broom or trowel. After application, MEADOW-PATCH T2 can be modified with color or used in stenciled overlays. MEADOW-PATCH T2 is an ideal choice for use with decorative concrete projects. MEADOW-PATCH T2 is available in 50 lb. bags.
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