Retrofit Your Fans with Adapter


The PFA Paddle Fan Adapter is a cost effective, retrofit product that fits most conventional paddle blade ceiling fans and reduces energy consumption in large spaces. The unique, patented design reduces hot and cold spots by mixing the air and minimizing stratification. PFA adapters are available to fit 48 in. and 56 in. ceiling fans.


Many manufacturing and warehouse facilities use ceiling fans to maintain space temperatures. Applying the PFA directs the airflow to the floor where it will spread and mix with the room. Any stratification layer is minimized and floor to ceiling temperatures become uniform. As a result, occupant comfort is increased and energy savings occur.



  • Ideal for use in high bay manufacturing and warehouse space
  • Easily mounts to existing paddle blade ceiling fans
  • Significant energy savings
  • Increases comfort and productivity
  • Flexible design and application, easily re-locate fans as needs change
  • 48 and 56 in. kits available
  • Patented in US and Canada
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