Reusable Crates


Labelmaster  has expanded its product line to include SnapCrates, high-quality, heavy-duty wooden shipping and storage containers. These strong, durable crates allow you to ship safely and securely and can be reused up to 30 times, saving crate acquisition and disposal costs as well as space in landfills. SnapCrates’ unique stainless steel clip system contains tabs that can be removed without tools. The clip system fits into slots in the wood that are sealed with nylon inserts, preventing  moisture damage and allowing clips to easily slide in and out of crates. By removing the clips, crates can be broken-down and laid flat for storage, freeing up valuable warehouse space. They can be reassembled quickly without the use of tools. These environmentally-friendly crates are ideal for manufacturers of automotive, industrial, aerospace, medical equipment products and other industries that utilize closed-loop shipping systems.

SnapCrates are available in the following sizes. Additional and custom sizes are also available. 

  • 32”L x 32”W x 22”H, 8.4 cu. ft. volume 
  •  36”L x 36”W x 36”H, 27 cu. ft. volume 
  •  40”L x 48”W x 42”H, 47.6 cu. ft. volume 
  •  48”L x 48”W x 48”H, 64 cu. ft. volume 
 SnapCrates feature: 
  • ¾” CDX, 5-ply plywood panels 
  • 301 stainless steel clips 
  •  Durable nylon inserts 
  •  4-way pallet bases


  • can be reused up to 30 times
  • stainless steel clip system

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I am a firm believer in reusable crates. In many cases they provide an environmentally friendly solution that also saves money. Having have had several types of reusable crates in my warehouse, these are by far the best. They are easy to assemble or disassemble and are VERY damage resistant. Sometimes I think forklift drivers come straight from the demolition derby, but even then these crates can make 30+ round trips. Standard crates make 3-5.