Reusable Wire-to-Wire Connector


AVX Corporation has developed the miniature 9286 Series wire-to-wire (WTW) connector system for through-wire applications.  The 9286 Series WTW connector offers a simple and reusable method for connecting discrete wires and leaded components in electrical and electronics applications. Several WTW connectors available on the market only support larger gauge wires, but the 9286 Series WTW connector supports 18-26AWG with up to 8-pin connectors. The simple push-button activation allows for stripped solid or stranded wire to be easily inserted and removed or replaced. 

The 9286 Series WTW connector is unique in that it is reusable, as most other WTW through wire connectors need to be replaced after a single use. The 9286 Series connectors not only feature the smallest profile in the industry, but also the smallest pitch at only 4.00mm. "Combining simplicity and effective multiple-use functionality, the 9286 Series wire-to-wire connector allows designers to mix and match wires for maximum field serviceability," said Tom Anderson, product manager for AVX. "Combining numerous design advancements from existing AVX connectors with customer requests enables us to provide design engineers with more interconnect options that meet application requirements." Different wire gauges can be connected within a single unit, and the BeCu contact system provides unparalleled long-term reliability. 

The AVX WTW connectors are ideal for a number of portable commercial/industrial terminals, medical devices, solid state lighting (SSL) fixtures, as well as industrial electronic modules and controls. The robust design can withstand harsh environments, with an operating temperature range of -40ºC to +125ºC and an 8A current rating. 


  • for through-wire applications
  • push-button activation
  • supports 18-26AWG with up to 8-pin connectors

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