Hayward Flow Control Systems is offering an innovative new line of CE and CSA Approved reversing, quarter-turn actuators with a number of unique features not found on other electric actuators.

Available in both on/off and proportional control models, EPM Series Actuators are designed for use with all ball and butterfly valves up to 24” in size and torque outputs from 300 - 13,500 in. lbs.  Unique EPM features include a modular design that utilizes US-manufactured modular PC boards to eliminate 90% of internal wiring for higher quality, reliability, and easier maintenance, and a superior epicyclical gear design that provides tough, dependable torque transmission in a compact, quiet, smooth package.  Proportional control model added features include advanced thermal management that utilizes proprietary microprocessor-based algorithms to automatically control motor temperatures in real time with close-loop feedback, and user-selectable data logging and diagnostics for a variety of control functions through use of a simple joystick/menu interface.

Other standard features include four limit switches (two auxiliary) internal low power heater, position indicator, self-locking drive, clutchless manual override, thermal overload protection, ISO 5211 mounting base, and choice of operating voltages.  Options include positioners, extended duty motors, 0-90° - 180°, feedback potentiometer, two additional auxiliary switches, local control station, and power supply flexibility.

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