'Revolutionary' Strut System


Eaton announced a new structural support system that transforms infrastructure support applications to yield dramatic efficiency improvements.

Eaton’s B-Line series 4Dimension strut system revolutionizes how support systems are designed and installed in new and retrofit applications. The superior strength, lighter weight and improved functionality allow industrial, commercial and data center customers to compress project schedules, reduce material costs, save space and increase configuration flexibility.

A functional replacement for back-to-back strut systems, the new strut system provides considerable cost and material savings. Eaton developed its B-Line series 4Dimension strut system to deliver multi-sided functionality, superior strength, a lighter weight and modular design.

The 4Dimension channel is roll formed, which helps improve the overall strength-to-weight ratio of the steel. The new system’s multi-sided functionality yields up to a 50% reduction in material costs and its innovative trapeze hangers can help reduce installation time by up to 50%.

The 4Dimension strut system is designed for a variety of commercial and industrial applications and is compatible with many traditional strut fittings and profiles. The solution also includes fittings and accessories that can often substitute the need for special orders requiring welded configurations.


  • Industries: Industrial, commercial and data center customers
  • Material Cost Reductions: Up to a 50%
  • Installation Time Reductions: Up to 50%
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