RFiD Reader ICs Read All 13.56MHz RFID Standards


TRH03xM is a new range of unique RFID ICs which read all available 13.56MHz tag standards. Competing RFID IC manufacturers don't let you read each others tags. What to do? The novel solution comes from 3ALogics whose unique reader technology allows you to read all the current 13.56MHz RFID standards. For instance, TRH031M reads ISO/IEC 14443 type A and B, as well as ISO 15693 standard. It also supports both I-code and Tag-it protocols. TRH032M reads the same standards as TRH031M with embedded 8-Bit MCU. ISO/IEC 14443 is the very popular tag identification standard, which is now being used as the basis of RFID-enabled passports under ICAO 9303. ISO 15693 is also a very popular HF (13.56 MHz) standard, widely used for non-contact smart payment and credit cards. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a wireless technology for tagging and identification of materials and components. RF energy from a reading device is harvested by the tag’s antenna and is used to power the tag’s microcontroller, which then responds by sending its data to the reader. Characterized by low power consumption (2.7-3.6V @ 6mA-120mA; 0.1uA standby) and attractive price, TRH031M is housed in a 7mm square LQFP and has an operating range of 10cm for ISO/IEC14443A/B and up to 150cm range for ISO 15693 (to 150cm range). TRH032M adds an integrated 8-Bit MCU with 32KByte EEPROM, 256 Byte SRAM, and 31 General Purpose I/O lines. TRH03xM ICs have wide range of applications in logistics, access control and work time control systems, people and object identification, electronic cash registers, public transport, handheld and contactless terminals, product tracking, etc. A TRH RFID Reader IC Starter Kit (RSK-100) is an excellent way to become well-acquainted with high-frequency RFID reader hardware and software, and contains: EV-100 Evaluation Board (with TRH 031M RFID reader IC, Atmel AT89C51E 8-bit µC, RS232 communication DB-9 port, LCD display, antenna, and regulated DC power supply), WinXP/2K- compatible software, power supply, cables, 3 x TRH031M ICs, 4 unique RFID tags (14443 and 15693 standards.


• Frequency: 13.56MHz • Modulation type: ASK 8~100% • Operating range: ISO 14443 A/B: <10cm, ISO 15693: <150cm • Supply voltage: 2.7V ~ 3.6V • Package Size: 7.0 mm × 7.0 mm • Package: LQFP (32pin)
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