RFID tag reader offers automatic tuning


Accu-Sort Systems, Inc., announced today that it has introduced the EZReader-HF™ RFID tag reader that offers automatic tuning and easy set up, significantly reducing installation time. Upon start-up the EZReader-HF sets frequency and “match,” freeing the installer from performing these steps. In addition, both the EZReader-HF and its antenna store operating parameters for the current installation. Therefore, if either the reader or antenna needs to be replaced for any reason, the new component simply reads the set-up parameters from the installed device, eliminating the need to configure operating parameters, greatly reducing replacement time and cost. In an RFID installation, the reader sends RF commands to the tag and receives data from the tag via an antenna. EZReader-HF operates at 13.56 MHz and communicates via on-board Ethernet TCP/IP or EtherNet/IP to other devices in a customer’s facility, making it a true plug-and-play device. It connects directly to Accu-Sort’s FAST Monitor™ system software, which monitors the condition of multiple automatic identification systems throughout a facility and stores operating data in a central database. FAST Monitor also provides remote diagnostics capability, allowing systems to be monitored and analyzed from anywhere in the world. “EZReader-HF puts ‘easy’ into RFID,” said Troy Herman, Accu-Sort Manager – North American Distribution. “The need to fine tune every read point in a facility is over. Using the patent-pending ‘Easy Tune’ feature that comes standard with every EZReader-HF Antenna, fine-tuning read points is as easy as pushing a button. This is the easiest to use RFID reader on the market today.” The new EZReader-HF can be used as a stand-alone device or can be controlled by a host system. The stand-alone functionality allows the user to hook a sensor directly into the reader to indicate the presence of a tag, allowing for hands-free and host free identification. This new platform incorporates Accu-Sort’s 35 years of experience in material handling and manufacturing and puts this experience into the development of the reader and antenna. EZReader-HF can read multiple RFID tag formats, including ISO 15693/14443, ISLI, I•CODE and Tag-it™. It also has adjustable power capability, enabling it to read tags at a much greater distance than previous versions. EZReader-HF is IP65 rated so it resists dust and moisture and can be used outside, in industrial areas, or on vehicles. Besides TCP/IP and EtherNet/IP, it communicates via DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, RS-422 and RS-232.
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