Rider Style Floor Crane


Ruger Industries, Inc. has announced a new “rider” style floor crane. These portable cranes are ideal for the handling of heavy items that require transport over long distances within a plant or warehouse. The operator compartment allows a comfortable and stable stance, with padded rails to accommodate both right-and-left handed operators on the crane during travel. Ruger® Rider full power portable cranes have lifting capacities of 2,000 lbs. or larger with custom units. Electrically-actuated traction and hydraulics provide a strain-free, ergonomic solution to transporting heavy loads. Many firms use Ruger® full power portable cranes as safer, smaller and more economical alternatives to traditional fork lift trucks. 

Full power floor cranes are easy to maneuver, and can navigate door openings and narrow aisles. Suspended loads are held in place without motor or mechanical brake. Full power portable cranes feature push button lifting and lowering, on-board charging, a change-free battery system and all necessary safety features. In addition to the rider style, Ruger manufactures adjustable leg style, reverse style and standard straddle style powered portable cranes. Specialized end effectors and customization are available to suit many specific application requirements.                                                                                    

Ruger portable cranes reduce or eliminate the need for motorized lift trucks, which is a common goal of Safety Managers in industry. They also allow workers to work longer and lift more, reducing the potential for injury or chronic fatigue.


  • padded rails
  • lifting capacities of 2,000 lbs. or larger
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