RoboMate LaserEtch and AutoMarkX Laser Marking


The automatic RoboMate LaserEtch and AutoMarkX Laser Marking options are offered for a range of applications and individual requirements.


RoboMate LaserEtch is an integrated laser system that can be added to the ANCA RoboMate loader for the TX and MX platforms, allowing laser marking of individual tools in-process. After grinding, the tool is automatically laser marked all without any increase to tool takt time. This solution means:


  • No need for additional equipment on the factory floor
  • Reduction of Work in Progress with smart utilization of robot loader idle cycle time
  • Easy-to-use software


An automatic stand-alone laser marking station, the AutoMarkX is the latest addition to ANCA’s family of tool production solutions. The operator loads up to two full pallets of tools, and the robot performs the laser marking operations. The unit can accommodate a wide range of tool sizes. This solution means:


  • AutoMarkX accepts up to two full pallets of tools.
  • Flexible marking means the message could be etched on a single side of the shank, on opposite sides of the shank, and at the end of tool. Codes are usually etched on the shank where they risk the exposure to excessive surface wear, rendering them unreadable. The end of tool is the best location to etch this type of code to overcome this issue.
  • AutoMarkX accepts different pallet standards
  • It is ANCA Integrated Manufacturing System (AIMS) ready


ANCA’s laser marking systems can be integrated into the AIMS Server to become a part of a fully automated production cell.


RoboMate LaserEtch

  • Round tools from 0.12  to 1 in. (3 to 25.4 mm), maximum tool length 9.8 in. (250 mm)
  • RoboMate LaserEtch is fully integrated within the RoboMate loader, requiring no additional floor space
  • The laser system is contained within a fully sealed compartment to ensure no laser light escape and is designed to meet the requirements of CE (IEC60825) and US FDA (CRDH)


  • Unit dimensions: H 68.9 x W 37.4 x D 55.9 in. (H 1,750 x W 950 x D 1,420 mm)    
  • Laser source: 20W Fiber laser, wavelength 1,064nm
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