Robotic ASRS Order Picking System


The new UltraBot ASRS (automated storage and retrieval system) order picking system from Integrated Systems Design (ISD) stores and delivers tens of thousands of SKUs and inventory to one or more workstations while saving up to 2/3 the labor. The UltraBot systems can hit 1440 lines per hour (per operator) delivering loads up to 200 pounds and 3 foot cubed in size. Likewise, system performance such as throughput, labor and floor space savings, go live dates and return on investment can be guaranteed prior to system implementation.The UltraBot robotic system moves up and down the front of two or three tiered horizontal carousels retrieving and discharging totes, boxes or cases. It delivers inventory to a conveyor for routing to the dynamic batch workstations where orders can be buffered until the operator requires that pick.

Completed orders are automatically taken from the workstation and routed to the next workstation or zone for further processing and then sent back to the UltraBot system for storage until the next pick is required.Integrated dynamic batch workstations optimize order pickers time by automatically inducting and discharging orders. Operators never have to waste time handling totes or scanning barcodes and license plates. One hundred percent of their time is spent picking orders.This "goods to person" technology dramatically improves labor utilization by 2/3 or more by eliminating all wasted walking and searching time and using integrated: pick to light technology, simple photo database software and hands free dynamic batch picking workstations. Unlike most ASRS technologies, the UltraBot system is designed for flexibility which allows the system's capacity, throughput, load size, location and more to  be changed at any time.


  • can hit 1440 lines per hour
  • delivers loads up to 200 pounds and 3 foot cubed in size

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