Robotic Blasting System Adapted to Grit-Blast Gas Turbine Blades


RB-10 robotic blast system has been adapted for grit blast surface preparation of gas turbine blades up to 1 m. An IRB-2600 robot directs the pressure-blast nozzle and a 24-in. diam turntable enables precise orientation of workpiece. The roof-mounted jib hoist has a 500-lb capacity.

A conveyor transfers the blast media, and used grit and an automatic media adder replenishes grit when low supply is detected.


  • 60 x 60-inch finishing chamber
  • 24-inch diameter turntable
  • Houses ABB Robotics IRB-2600 robot
  • Crane slot and a roof-mounted jib hoist of 500-pound weight capacity
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